BILT HARD 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw, 58cc 3 HP Gas Power Chain Saw with Automatic Oiler, 2-Cycle Engine, Petrol Handheld Gasoline Chainsaws for Wood Cutting, EPA Certified

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Chain Length 20 Inches
Power Source Gas Powered
Chain & Bar 0.325 Pitch, 058 Gauge, 76DL
Dimensions 36"L x 9.64"W x 11"H
Weight 15.6 Pounds
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Experience Ultimate Cutting Precision with the BILT HARD Gas Chainsaw!

Unmatched Performance
Unleash the power of the BILT HARD gas chainsaw with its impressive 20-inch blade and a robust 58cc 2-cycle engine generating an astounding 3.0 HP. This beast of a machine offers superior cutting performance, making quick work of even the most intricate and demanding cutting tasks.
Revolutionary Air Cleaning System
Say goodbye to clogged air filters and hello to prolonged engine life. The BILT HARD chainsaw boasts an innovative air cleaning system that actively expels larger dust and debris particles before they reach the air filter. This ingenious feature not only ensures consistent performance but also extends the life of your chainsaw, delivering lasting and reliable results.
Efficient Lubrication for Longevity
Achieve durability and smooth operation. Proper lubrication is essential for a chainsaw's longevity. The BILT HARD chainsaw comes equipped with an automatic oiler that ensures a constant flow of lubricating oil to the chain during operation. This intelligent design choice not only prolongs the chain's life but also maintains cutting precision.
Designed for Your Comfort and Safety
Prioritizing your comfort and safety, our chainsaw features a lightweight, ergonomic body and an anti-vibration system that minimizes fatigue during extended use. The low kickback safety function further reduces the risk during operation, providing a safe and secure cutting experience.
Our Commitment to You
At BILT HARD, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our dedicated support team is here to assist YOU.
Elevate Your Cutting Experience with BILT HARD
Step up to a new level of precision and power with the BILT HARD gas chainsaw. Unleash the full potential of your cutting tasks and enjoy outstanding performance supported by our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Upgrade your cutting game today!

Packge Content:
1 x 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw
1 x 3.2 fl.oz Engine Oil
1 x Tool Kits
1 x Guide Bar Cover
1 x Fuel Mixing Bottle
1 x User Manual




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Jeff Winkler
    chainsaw has some issues

    The tolerance for the brake is too tight.
    I wasn't able to keep the saw running on the first day. It appeared to overheat / melt plastic.
    I pulled the saw out of a pinch situation, and the plastic holding the adjustment screw failed. There's no way to get replacement parts, though. I had to remove the adjustment screw, and the brake, in order to continue using it. This is all in the first 3 hours of use.

    After 3 hours, it just wouldn't start anymore. I suspect that the heat in the pistons was beyond tolerance levels, too, and that the pistons expanded till it was just too much. I did use 2-stroke oil in the gas.

    I'll try again another day, but this is kind of what I expected. The adjustment nuts were too hot to "finger tighten" in the field. They should have plastic wingnut covers or something. The adjustment mechanism was terrible with the plastic parts near the hot engine, also expected. That really should be nothing but metal. It's unsafe.

    When the chainsaw gave me problems to keep it running and to start, I lubricated the chain externally as well as put oil in the oil reservoir. That helped starting. I was disappointed in the reservoir capacity, for both lube and gas. I had to refill every 10 minutes. Again, it's what I expected.

    When it worked, it cut through 15" logs very fast. I'd recommend buying 2 at a time, because the engine is only good for 80 hours, and you'll need spare parts.

    Works great.... but no parts

    58cc 20-in chainsaw works great starts up just fine but if you need to replace something good luck seriously I wish you all the best of luck ... I need a replacement chain the simplest part you need for a chainsaw I can find no information online on their page on their search replacement parts I'm going to give this company a 50% half ass 50% good...

    Enrico Robinson
    Chain Saw

    It’s Loud as Hell but works As it Should haven’t fully tested but took along time to start I almost gave up so be patient with it

    Ford Ranger ran over this saw still running and cutting

     Only improvement it need is a softer pull start handle

    Very nice!

     My boyfriend just got his chainsaw and he is in love!! It is worth the money! Great for small projects