BILT HARD Gas Engine Vertical Shaft, 173cc 4.4 HP 4-Stroke Gas Motor, Replacement Engine for Lawn Mower, EPA & CARB Compliant

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Type: Engine
SKU: TEA-0305
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Power Source Gas Powered
Weight 27.6 Pounds
Cutting Width 8 Inches
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Experience Unyielding Power with Our High-Performance Engine!

Unleash Dynamic Energy - Empowered by a 173cc Displacement 4-Stroke Gas Engine
Prepare for a powerhouse experience with our engine. Embrace the strength of a 173cc displacement 4-stroke vertical cylinder gas engine, boasting remarkable torque of 6.64 ft.lbs @2500 RPM. Capable of reaching a maximum speed of 3600 RPM, it's equipped with a staggering 4.4 maximum horsepower, all fueled by a 0.26-gallon tank.
Precision Shaft Specifications - Tailored for Excellence
Dive into the specifics of our engine with a 7/8-inch diameter shaft measuring 3.16 inches in length. The end is meticulously tapped with 3/8-inch - 24 UNF threads, further enhanced by a 3/16-inch keyway. The mounting pattern spans 8 inches, while the engine features a 3/8"-24 UNF tapped hole and a 0.079 x 0.34-inch through-hole.
Safety at the Forefront - Engineered for Security
Safety is paramount, evident in the built-in Force Air-Cooled, Splash Lubrication System, and Low oil shutoff function. Our engine spark plug system accommodates RA6HC/DCPR7E/DK7PTC spark plugs, offering a clearance of 0.027-0.031 inches. This engine is the perfect replacement for your lawnmower, ensuring a blend of power and security.
Vital Note - A Dry Start
Kindly note that our engine is shipped dry to ensure freshness. Before starting, be sure to add gasoline and engine oil correctly (please note, oil is not included).
Certified Excellence - EPA and CAARB Compliant
Our gas engine meets the highest standards of quality and compliance, proudly bearing both EPA and CAARB certifications. Rest assured, each engine undergoes Oil Testing before packaging, so it may have a slight oily touch, signifying its 100% new condition.
Embrace Power with Assurance - Where Precision Meets Performance
Elevate your machinery with our high-performance engine. From its impressive power to its intricate details, every facet is engineered to amplify your experience. Are you ready to embrace power with confidence?

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Customer Reviews

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Great Replacement Engine

I got this 173cc engine to replace the 28 year old tecumseh engine on my craftsman eager 1 push mower. Took about two hours to install, including tapping two of the mounting holes. After adding gas and oil, It started right up on the third pull. I'm most impressed by the power of this engine. I hope it will last as long as the old tecumseh.